Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review on ECO Tools Bronzer Brush and NYX Blush in Taupe

Hello again ladies and Jumma Mubarak please remember me in you Friday prayers :)
I know I have been MIA so many weddings nothing else and it's just too hot :(
I'm here to review Eco Tools Bronzer Brush and NYX Blush in Taupe
I ordered it through BeautyinBudget4u the brush was for 1999/- and blush for 915 or 975/- I don't remember the exact amount

Eco Tools Brush is so soft and dense love the softness, it applies smoothly, you can apply powder, blush or foundation with this brush, I usually apply bronzer and blush with it.
It's a perfect dupe of Tarte's bronzer brush, the quality is similar, this was my first Eco Tools brush and believe me when U say I am really impressed with its quality

You can apply blush,bronzer or foundation with this brush, its also a dupe for Tarte's Bronzer Brush and the quality is almost same

NYX's Blush in Taupe is a very light brown shade not so good for contour but if you apply it as a blush it gives such a sun bathed look, I love it the only thing i don't like about NYX's powder blushes is that they are not easily blendable other than that they are good quality, inexpensive, well pigmented and very soft :)
If you want a heavy contour you can use NYX's terra cotta

The darker picture was taken in a room and the bright one in broad day light

Hope it was helpful.XXX


  1. That brush looks soo fluffy and soft! Haha

  2. The brush is BIG and FLUFFY. xx

  3. the brush is so huge :) n THANX GOD main nai nyx taupe blush nai lia bcz this blush is not for contouring but u r rught for a nice sun glow this is the right blush :)

  4. Loving the blush and brush :)

    Thanks for sharing the review. Really helpful :)

    Mahnoor's haul

  5. I always wanted to try Taupe. Unfortunately the shade is not here in UAE. xx

    1. try beautyinbudget4u they have an extra u can get it shipped to UAE

  6. Sounds like an amazing brush! Great review:) xx